5 Must-Have Features for Mobile & Teledentistry Software

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Let's face it, mobile dentistry and teledentistry are a breed of their own. And if you've ever been in a remote location delivering dental care in a mobile facility or a pop-up operatory, you've probably realized there just isn't a solution that works for you, forcing you to rely on paper or other inefficient means of gathering the necessary data.

That's because traditional dental software and teledentistry tools have a one-size fits-all approach, forcing you to cobble together software that was never intended to work together.

This eBook covers 5 must-have feature for your mobile and teledentistry program.

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User Feedback

“I’ve tried most of them and Teledentix is the ONLY software out there that I feel was designed specifically for mobile dentistry. We highly recommend it!”

Sonya Dunbar, co-founder of the American Mobile & Teledentistry Alliance and practicing mobile hygienist, uses Teledentix to deliver onsite care at geriatric and senior living facilities. Sonya and her team use Teledentix to manage their schedule, share important forms with patients' responsible parties, and administer clinical care with tools such as x-ray capture, intraoral image capture, perio charting, progress notes, and more.

Teledentix customizable "hygiene session" workflows allow Sonya to administer care in a step-by-step prompt. Once the hygiene session is over, the patients' records are automatically added to the que for the off-site dentist to review and create the treatment plan.


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