The ultimate teledentistry solution for payers 

Tap into an effective teledentistry platform which includes access to a network of virtual dentists, mobile care delivery support, and medical-dental integration solutions.

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Increasing Your Members' Access to Dental Care

Teledentix helps insurance companies provide teledentistry services in various settings, giving members access to in-network coverage wherever they are.





On-Demand Virtual Visits 

Your members can connect with a credentialed provider at any time for immediate assistance. These types of virtual visits are especially useful for emergency situations that need attention after business hours or in the middle of the night.


Scheduled Consultations

Simple booking options allow patients to find a time that works for them to connect with a virtual dentists for questions or concerns. Once booked, both the patient and the participating provider will receive confirmations and reminders for their upcoming virtual appointment.


Send Photos for Review

Intuitive photo templates make capturing intraoral images easy for the patient to share with an in-network provider. The dentist will then provide the diagnosis via secure chat or even record a short video for the patient to watch at their own convenience. 

A Seamless Patient Experience 


Real-Time Eligibility Checks

270/271 lets us know what benefits the patient is covered for before treatment is rendered.


Direct Billing

All claims are submitted by Teledentix making it easier for both the provider and your members.


Member Portal Integration

Teledentix can be launched from your online member portal and your mobile application.

Patient-Centric Referral and Communication Tools 




In-Network Referrals

Unlike other teledentistry services, Teledentix virtual visits don't simply end when the video call is over. Our virtual dentists can easily select a bricks-and-mortar location from a comprehensive list of credentialed providers to refer the patient to for any follow-up care.


Geographically Matched

Our smart referral system matches patient zip codes with our database of in-network providers. That means if in-person treatment is necessary, the patient will be referred to the nearest participating provider.



Continuity of Care

Forms, images, charts, medical history, prescriptions, and more can easily be shared with both the patient and referred dentist to help create a seamless transition from one provider to the next. Instant chat, email, or text help all parties stay connected and increase continuity of care. 

Industry-leading technology combined with an expert team


Safe and Secure

HIPAA-complaint, HITRUST, SOC2, and penetration tested technology.


Provider and Patient Services

Our customer care team helps facilitate patient-provider interactions.


Multi-Device Support

Fully responsive teledentistry software compatible with any device.

Engage Your Communities with Mobile Teledentistry


Community Outreach

Help bridge the gap in oral care by providing screening and diagnostic services to underserved populations. Built-in risk assessment tools allow for efficient record-gathering that can be shared via teledentistry to providers to review and diagnose.  


Clinical Dental Management

Teledentix enables full-blown mobile dentistry utilized in both pop-up operatories or dental vehicles. Advanced clinical tools allow for x-ray image capture, perio charting, hard tissue charting, progress notes, claims management, billing and more.


Dental-Medical Integration

Connect par providers with their local medical facilities including hospitals, urgent cares, emergency centers and more so patients can get oral healthcare in a medical environment. Teledentix also enables device support for remote monitoring and diagnostic tools.

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