Learn how to integrate teledentistry into your dental office workflow

We've partnered with California Northstate University to demonstrate how teledentistry can keep patients and providers connected while lowering overall costs of sterilization and PPE. By joining this demonstration project, you'll gain insights into best practices and use-cases from the expert staff and other participants. 

Dr. Glassman Teldentistry Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Improve Practice Efficiency and Safety

Register below for a webinar with the project administrator, Dr. Paul Glassman and the Co-Founder of Teledentix, Dr. Bill Jackson to learn how Teledentistry can help improve practice efficiency. We'll also discuss the demonstration project and how you can be a part of it!

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DTI Teledentistry Study

Special Discount for Participants

Participants will receive over a 30% discount on their Teledentix subscription for the term of the study. That's a $50/month savings!

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Overview of Teledentix Communicator

Click the play button below to watch the video explaining Teledentix Communicator and its role in teledentistry delivery. 



What do I get out of the demonstration project?

Providers who participate will instantly become part of a collaboration network with dentists across the United States. Virtual study groups and data analysis will give participants insights into the best and most profitable ways to integrate teledentistry into their practices. Plus participants will receive a monthly discount on Teledentix Communicator for the term of the project. See the pricing table below for details.


Who is administering the project?

The Demonstration Project is being administered by California Northstate University (CNU) under the direction of Dr. Paul Glassman DDS, MA, MBA, Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Community Engagement at CNU. Dr. Glassman has been studying and implementing teledentistry programs for over 10 years and is often referred to as the "Father of Teledentistry." Dr. Glassman and his team at CNU will work directly with the project participants.


How long will the project last?

The demonstration project will run at least to the end of 2020. Participants are not required to complete the project and can stop at any time.

Will it be a lot of work to participate?

Participants will be encouraged to attend monthly meetings of a learning community to share lessons and best practices. In addition participants will be asked to supply basic data about their teledentistry interactions on a monthly basis.


Will I get training for free?

Yes! Training and technical support are included in your discounted Teledentix subscription. The Teledentix support team will have 1-on-1 setup sessions with participants and will be available for any technical questions. Dr. Glassman and the team will also be delivering training on teledentistry strategies and best practices.

What are the terms and conditions?

When creating a Teledentix account, participants will be required to accept the specific terms and conditions pertaining to the demonstration project. CLICK HERE to review the document. 

Special discount for demonstration participants

Teledentix Communicator



For the term of the study

Normal Price:

$150 per month