Teledentistry Promotional Materials and Examples 

Teledentistry Website on Laptop

Dental Website for Virtual Visits

Turn your dental website into a teledentistry billboard. Highlight your virtual visits and include buttons for your patients to book appointments in just a few clicks.

Download Website Example

Teledentistry Flyer for Patients

Pass this flyer out to your patients when they visit your office so they know you're offering virtual visits. You can also promote your teledentistry offering by sending flyers digitally in an email.

Download the Flyer

Posters for promoting teledentistry

Market your teledentistry offering and virtual visits using posters. Display them in community areas, in your office, or digitally on your website.

Download the Poster
Teledentistry Social Ad Download

Social Media Teledentistry Promotion

Social media is a quick and easy way to communicate with your patients. Download the image made specifically for promoting teledentistry on social media.

Download Social Media Image

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